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P/S®-II Flexible GYLON® Element Cartridge Seal (PSII seal)

Effectively seals dense and viscous fluids

The P/S®-II seal is a cartridge mounted, multi-lip seal, which is designed to seal those thick, viscous, temperature-sensitive products that create problems for face seals. The P/S®-II seal is extremely successful sealing positive displacement and centrifugal pumps within the published operating limits. The seal is not recommended in applications where the sealed product contains solids. Simple repair kits available. FDA approved materials are available for food and pharmaceutical applications; call Munaco to speak with a specialist 864-676-2055.

P/S-II, PSII, PS2 Cartridge Seal Data Sheet

P/S-II Seals for Viking Pumps

FDA Dynamic Sealing Options

P/S®-II Flexible GYLON® Element Cartridge Seal (PSII seal)