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Thermiculite® Gaskets by Flexitallic®

Up to 1800­°F Cutting-Edge Material Technology In-Stock at Munaco

In 1998, Flexitallic set new standards for sealing technology with
the introduction of Thermiculite® Critical Service Series gasket material available in Tanged Sheet—and later in Spiral Wound Filler and Flexpro

™ (kammprofile) Facing styles. Exclusive to Flexitallic, this revolutionary material, comprised of chemically and thermally exfoliated vermiculite*, simulated the structure of exfoliated graphite, with one notable exception—it maintained integrity through a wide range of extreme temperatures. All Thermiculite Critical Service Series products were designed and engineered for high temperature processes in services up to 1800°F / 982°C.

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Thermiculite® Gaskets by Flexitallic®