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Munaco's Stainless Steel Tube Fittings are produced by a strict management of materials, high precision design and the best machining technologies by SUPERLOK®. Available in both singele ferrule and double ferrule designs, SUPERLOK® Tube Fittings tighten easily and are leak free under shock, vibration and temperature cycling. The use of SUPERLOK® tube fittings result in additional productivity and cost reduction for the end user. The best interior surface finish in the industry reduces particle entrapment, potential contamination and improves the flow of fluids and gases.

Download Superlok® Part Number Interchange Spreadsheet in MS Excel format

Superlok® Tube Fittings will seamlessly interchange with these brands, while dramatically reducing cost and maintaining the quality our customers demand. Leak-free connection under various tests such as temperature cycling, vibration, hydro static, tensile, etc.
The Nut and body threads on a SUPERLOK® fitting's OD are constructed in accordance with ASME B1.1, and the thread tolerances are controlled as specified in ASME B.1.1. This tolerance ensures consistent make-up every time.

Upon request MUNACO can provide the “SGS intermixability & interchangeability burst-test certificate." Call Munaco for all of your tube fitting needs 864-676-2055.

Superlok Tube Fitting Full Catalog from Munaco

Tube Fittings - Your South Carolina Source