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Dielectric Foam - Wavexorb

Wavexorb Dielectric Foam Absorbers are lightweight, conductive carbon loaded materials which provide high levels of loss at all angles of incidence. Dielectric Foam Absorbers are effective in free space applications such as radomes or antennae. Wavexorb Dielectric Foam Absorbers are an economical solution, and provide broadband performance in a frequency range of 1GHz to 40 GHz. Munaco can custom cut all of these materials to your design requirements. Call 864-676-2055 for quick delivery.


Polyether Reticulated Foam: FB001-375, FB002-500, FB003-750, FB004-1000, FB005-1250

Lossy Foam: FB011-125, FB012-25O, FB013-500

Convoluted Foam: FB021-1500, FB022-3000

Dielectric Foam - Wavexorb