Munaco Sealing Solutions

STRESS SAVER® 370 Gaskets

Low torque gaskets for metallic or non-metallic flat-face flanges

STRESS SAVER® 370 gaskets feature raised, molded-in sealing rings and seal with 75% less surface area for high performance in non-metallic flanges. Its pure PTFE sealing surface resists many chemicals and the contaminant-free EPDM body is ideal for a variety of high purity applications.

* Tested by BALASZ Labs for trace metal extractables, Anions, Cations, and T.O.C.s. Results available on request.

** Consult Munaco and Garlock® Applications Engineering for FDA information.


STRESS SAVER® 370 Gaskets Spec Sheet

STRESS SAVER® 370 Gaskets