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Flexitallic® HPG Spiral Wound Gasket

Already at Munaco, the Flexitallic® HPG Gasket. HPG or High Performance Gasket combines the industries best flexible graphite, the best winding density, and the built in traceability. With high performance windings and filler, the Flexitallic HPG is denser than a conventional SWG, consistently providing lower leak rates than industry average. Meeting the very latest ASME B16.20 standards, upon compression, the HPG’s design is more forgiving of flange face imperfections and also reduces load loss due to winding tightness.

Flexicarb® SEL+ withstands higher temperatures providing longer service life for the HPG. Significantly lower levels of impurities than industry average reduces the likelihood of flange face corrosion. Flexicarb® SEL+ contains less than 300ppm sulfur content, a significant upgrade over base industrial grade graphite.

Smart technology & traceability Each HPG has a distinct batch number and QR code, giving you quick access to gasket composition and material certificates by scanning the HPG QR code with your phone or entering a batch number in our online web app


Flexitallic® HPG Spiral Wound Gasket Brochure

Flexitallic® HPG Spiral Wound Gasket