Munaco Sealing Solutions

Spring-Energized Metal Seals - Helicoflex

Metal seals for the most extreme applications with a flexible design. Spring-Energized metal seals utilize an combination of a helical spring surrounded by one or more layers of softer metal. The softer metal jacket flows into the flange groove finish so that a highly effective seal can be achieved. This type of seal was developed specifically for solving high risk nuclear flange applications. In addition to making a great seal for nearly every high temperature and high pressure application in every industry, the seal also can be manufactured in nearly any geometry from round, square, triangular, to oblong.


Gas Turbines Combustion Cans, Steam Turbines, Heat Exchangers

Compressors, Fluorine Compressors, Valves, End Plate Covers

Diesel Exhaust, Combustion Seals / Fire Rings, Reactor Vessels

Pressure Vessels, Nuclear Storage, Nuclear Valves

Turbo Charger and Manifolds, Metal Diaphragm Compressors

Spring-Energized Metal Seals - Helicoflex