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GT ePTFE Gasket Tape

GT expanded PTFE Gasket Tape is a flange gasket material made of virgin expanded PTFE. Available in spooled form, it is an ideal gasket material for:

  • glass-lined and plastic flanges
  • flanges with limited available space
  • flanges where compressed thickness is important
  • It is also the perfect solution for punching out expanded PTFE gaskets and washers.

The expanded material conforms easily to rough and irregular surfaces, requires lower bolt torques than most other gaskets, results in an extremely tight seal, and has an adhesive-backing for easy installation. Our gasket tape can be used in just about any accessible bolted joint that features a flat or serrated sealing surface. It is also easy to install and remove, making it a highly versatile and cost- effective solution for many demanding sealing applications.


GT Gasket Tape Brochure

GT Gasket Tape Data Sheet

GT Gasket Tape Safety Sheet

GT ePTFE Gasket Tape