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CHANGE™ Gasket - PTFE Filler

The Flexitallic® Change™ Gasket is available is a wide range of filler and facing materials, including Flexicarb SEL Graphite, PTFE, Thermiculite and Corriculite.

The high level of stored energy gives the Change gasket extremely high recovery. In a compression test against other gaskets, the Change Gasket recovered almost five-times better than a Kammprofile or DJ gasket. Available in Styles CG (winding with outer ring), CGI (Winding with inner and outer rings), RIR (winding with inner ring), R (winding only). Also available with pass bar configurations for heat exchanger applications. (Note, DJ (Double Jacketed) pass bar configuration is used). Standard winding heights are .125″ and .177″.


Flexitallic® Change Gasket Brochure

CHANGE™ Gasket - PTFE Filler