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Pikotek® PGE™ System Isolating Gasket Kit by GPT

The Pikotek® PGE™ is a low-pressure service isolation kit designed for electrical flange isolation and/or general sealing applications

The PGE™ was designed to give operators an alternative to the failure prone phenolic-based isolating gaskets. The unique design of the PGE™ system incorporates patented overlapping and offsetting seal grooves. The purpose of this design is to break each layer of laminate within the gasket itself, thereby creating a barrier through which fluid and/or gas cannot migrate. The sealing element can be any elastomeric material, as well as more sophisticated spring-energized PTFE lip seals. As a result of this advanced seal design, maintenance-free flange isolation and flange face corrosion mitigation are achieved economically. Depending upon the sealing element selected, the PGE™ is rated for most hydrocarbon and water service applications.


Pikotek® PGE™ Brochure

Pikotek® PGE™ Data Sheet

Pikotek® PGE™ Specifications

Pikotek® PGE™ System Isolating Gasket Kit by GPT