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ISOPRO-RGS Low Pressure Flange Isolation Gasket copy

The Flexitallic ISOPRO-RGS Flange Insulating Set (LP) is comprised of an Insulating Gasket, Insulating Sleeves, Insulating Washers and Metal Washers.

The Flexitallic ISOPRO-RGS gasket is capable of effecting a seal over a wide range of applied stress making the product suitable for use in an extensive range of standard and non-standard bolted connections. Soft compressive materials and a relatively wide sealing face make the product more robust with regard to use on a wide range of flange sealing face conditions when compared with 'O' Ring and/or spring energized based gasket insulation technology.

The SIGMA® 500 material is suitable for sealing all chemicals across the whole pH range (0-14) with the exception of molten alkali metals, fluorine gas or hydrogen fluoride. The insulating gasket and washers have been designed and developed for use in pipelines that require cathodic protection. This special design exceeds the requirements of ‘Saudi Aramco Std. 02-SAMSS-010’.


ISOPRO-RGS Low Pressure Flange Isolation Gasket Kit

ISOPRO-RGS Low Pressure Flange Isolation Gasket copy