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ISOFLEX™-FS Flange Isolation Kit by Flexitallic®

ISOFLEX™-FS by Flexitallic® is a FIRE SAFE flange isolation gasket made with NEMA grade glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) and metallic Flexpro® seals.

ISOFLEX™-FS flange isolation gasket employs industry proven metallic Flexpro® seal design, with Flexitallic proprietary corrosion mitigating sealing material, Corriculite®. The electrical isolation barrier is constructed using aerospace material polyimide, located within the gasket core, shielded from any potential damage. ISOFLEX™-FS is fire safe per API 6FB standard, and has excellent sealing performance that exceeds MESC SPE 85/300-2017 fugitive emissions class A requirement.


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ISOFLEX™-FS Flange Isolation Kit by Flexitallic®