Munaco Sealing Solutions

PTFE Gaskets

Munaco Sealing Solutions stocks a wide variety of PTFE gasket materials from virgin to engineered PTFE sheet materials. PTFE sheet gasket materials are a perfect solution for corrosive material processing, FDA & pharmaceutical processing, potable water lines, and food processing. PTFE sheet gasket materials from virgin stock are available in a variety of thicknesses. Munaco stocks expanded PTFE sheet gaskets for light flanges, plastic flanges, and glass lined flanges.


GORE® GR, GORE® 800, GORE® Triguard®, GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket

Garlock® Gylon® 3500, Gylon® 3510, Gylon® 3545, Gylon® 3565, ENVELON®

Thermoseal® Soft-chem®, Top-Chem® 2000, Top-Chem® 2003, Top-Chem® 2005, Top-Chem® 2006

Flexitallic® Sigma® 500, Sigma® 600

PTFE Gaskets