Munaco Sealing Solutions

Garlock ST706 / Garlock Style 706 / Garlock st-706 (DISCONTINUED)

Garlock has discontinued the ST 706 or (Garlock Style 706) and is no longer available. Limited quantities may still be available; you may contact Munaco Sealing Solutions for availability 864-676-2055 to check our current stock levels. To aid you in finding a suitable replacement gasket material for your applications, Munaco has provided you with the sheet gasketing materials below. This is especially important because there is not direct replacement for Garlock 706 gasket material. You will find the appropriate features, benefits, capabilities, attached data sheets to help select the replacement gasket material for Garlock st-706. Garlock 706 was made from Inorganic fibers with a nitrile (NBR) rubber binder, primarily intended for use in saturated steam and superheated steam. Garlock 706 maximum continuous operating temperature was 750F; and maximum pressure was 1500 psig. For all of the below sheet gasket materials, and sheet gaskets in general, it is important to remember that 1/16" thick gaskets perform better than 1/8" thick gaskets in handling higher pressures. Thinner gasket materials (1/16") below have better blow-out resistance than thicker gasket materials. It is important that you contact Munaco engineering (864-676-2055) and Garlock engineering (800-448-6688) when selecting a replacement material for Garlock 706. (Click HERE! for Garlock Style 706 data sheet)