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Flange Bolt Pack 18-8 SS

Flange Bolt Pack - 18-8 Stainless Steel

These Bolt Packs include 18-8 Hex Bolts, 18-8 Hex Nuts, & 18-8 Flat Washers all Stainless Steel. Pair this with your gasket choice.

Flange Stud Packs are available from Munaco. Pair these with your selected gaskets. Standard kits are available for common sizes i.e 3" 150#. Flange Bolt / Stud Kits from Munaco come complete with washers. Munaco provides the bolts, studs, nuts, and washers in a separate box so that your gasket isn't damaged during shipping. Munaco offers standard BOLT kits in A307A Zinc, 18-8 SS and standard STUD packs in A193 B7 Plain, B7 PTFE Coated, and Stainless Steel B8.

Please specify if you need domestic "USA" only hardware; Munaco's standard kits are globally sourced. Domestic hardware can be quoted. All dimensions are standardized per the ASME/ANSI B16.5 specifications.

Munaco also offers custom bolt, stud, screw, nut, washer, and gasket kits. Please call 864-676-2055 to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.


Standard Sizes

Flange Bolt Pack 18-8 SS