Munaco Sealing Solutions

CMP-4200 Gaskets

Engineered for high pressure oil, steam and glycol-water applications

CMP - 4200 is a solvent-free, high-density gasket material that delivers high crush resistance, exceptional torque retention, outstanding resistance to blow-out and high surface friction on flange surfaces; making it perfect for MRO use as well as OEM applications. Its unique formulation features a blend of binders that, while resistant to most fluids, generate sufficient expansion to provide superior sealing characteristics in harsh operating conditions. Recommended for use with intermittent operating temperatures up to 350 °C (650 °F).

Applications include oil and fuel system sealing, and compressors. High-performance aftermarket kits cover applications like ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

ASTM F104 Line Call Out F729190E33M9


Interface CMP-4200 Gasket Material Spec Sheet

CMP-4200 Gaskets